A massage involves the individual in his or her entirety. Individual massages or wellness programmes that touch the depths of body, mind and soul.

Choose the one that best suits you at the Hotel Bivio or the Alpen Village in Livigno: depending on the treatment chosen, the massage techniques have a balancing, relaxing or energising effect.


Alpen Village and Hotel Bivio have chosen to use Höbe Pergh products for massages and treatments in Livigno. From the experience of Annamaria Foresta - a passionate beautician and naturopath - was born an innovative reality in the world of aesthetics and health: Höbe Pergh. The company has Italian origins, in Veneto, on the Asiago Plateau: an area overflowing with herbs, flowers, plants and natural fruits with beneficial properties. Asiago is a real natural pharmacy that draws its strength from the soil rich in minerals and healthy air.

The company began its activity producing bags of hay to be used for baths and wraps until arriving at innovative series of products, recognized for their quality and originality. Thanks to these, the customer can rediscover the well-being transmitted by the contact with nature and the mountains, even more in a relaxing context like Livigno.

The benefits of hay are many and extraordinary, particularly indicated in cases of tension, muscle stiffness, localized cellulite and adiposity, lymphatic stagnation, swelling of the lower limbs, loss of tone and elasticity, skin imperfections and impurities. Let yourself be carried away by this new feeling of relaxation and well-being in Livigno! Our masseuses at the Alpen Village and at the Bivio Hotel will let you discover all the natural benefits of the treatments and will be able to advise you on suitable solutions to continue the path of health and wellness at home.

The rooms of the Alpen Village where the massages are carried out, moreover, have been designed to offer maximum relaxation: the walls are partly covered with pine wood which has important relaxing properties. University studies have shown that pine wood provides less fatigue to the heart, reducing the number of beats and helping to relax.