Livigno & Surroundings

Natural parks

Livigno, mountain paradise, is placed between the most beautiful parks and nature reserves in the Alps.
The Stelvio National Park has been preserving and protecting the landscape of the Central Alps since the beginning of the last century. The Swiss National Park is the oldest natural reserve in the Alps. Take your binoculars and it won't be difficult to see rock goats, deer, chamois and marmots.

Bormio Terme

Bormio Terme is a modern thermal center that has been completely renovated in 2006 and enlarged with new indoor and outdoor tubs and wellness areas. It is a few minutes from Livigno and here you can find classic thermal treatments among which nasal inhalations, rehabilitation, physiotherapy, muds and also massage and relaxing treatments.

For a leap in the past of over 2000 years, we recommend a visit to the majestic Bormio Bagni Vecchi and Bagni Nuovi: Roman baths, hundred of years old caves, with thousand-year old springs and an outdoor panoramic pool overlooking Bormio's wide valley. More than 30 thermal services, seven of which are outdoor tubs and pools that can be used 12 months a year in a big and sunny garden.

St. Moritz

St Moritz, starting point and destination of the Red Bernina Train, will seduce you with the timeless charme of one of the best-known mountain resorts in the world. Luxury shopping. a casino, chic bars and restaurants and walks on the lake shore. This is what you can find in the cradle of mountain tourism.

Bormio Civic Museum

Bormio Civic Museum, located in the ancient, noble Castello De Simoni since 1962, holds more than 3000 objects of historical and cultural interest in fourteen theme rooms which represent our history and our ancestors’ ways of life.
Many the works of art, the portraits, and the frescoes there; many the objects of common use to testify to the traditions of past life in Valtellina.
Furniture and wooden works of art that once where in the churches in Bormio, tools used for the weaving of linen and the spinning of wool and even the reconstruction of a dairy with all the tools necessary for the milk and cheese processing.

The Segantini Museum

In the Museum named after Giovanni Segantini you will find many works of art of all the creativa periods of this Italian artist head over heels in love with Engadine.
The most important work of the last period is the big Triptych of the Alps "Life-Nature-Death", kept in the "Sala della Cupola" of the Museum.

The Bernina Red Train

The UNESCO World Heritage Bernina Red Train offers you an unforgettable experience with its observation carriages. Enjoy the breath-taking view, among uncontaminated mountains, lakes and glaciers, but also small villages like Poschiavo and Pontresina, where time seems to have stopped. The stops are many and frequent from Tirano as far as St Moritz.- the carriages are comfortable and spacious.
Let youself be conquered by the uncontaminated nature of our Alps!


Trepalle, hamlet of Livigno, is located at 1900-2250 meters above sea level and it is still considered the highest parish in Europe. In winter it is a huge blanket of snow, silent paradise for skiers and freeriders; in summer it is an uncontaminated prairie rich in side itineraries such us Vallaccia, Val Trela, Val Tort, ideal places for trekking, mountain biking and Nordic walking.

“Munt La Schera” Tunnel

Until 50 years ago, Livigno offered hospitality and tourist services only during the summer time because during the coldest months it was constantly isolated because of the abundant snowfalls. The town started to be a resort in the sixties with the construction of the “Munt La Schera” Tunnel which links Livigno to Switzerland. It is a one-way, 3.40- kilometer long tunnel that opens Spol Valley to a foreign market, both in summer and in winter, thanks to the links with Engadin, Innsbruck, Zurich and the Brennero motorway.
On winter Saturdays cars can pass only at certain times to guarantee the best road circulation.