E-MTB rental

Reach the highest peaks with pedal assistance

The e-bike is a bicycle with pedal assistance (in technical jargon: EPAC, Electric Pedal Assisted Cycle, also called pedelec), where at the propulsion of the legs a the small electric motor, that is activated by the movement of the pedals, assists the rider. In fact the e-bike has an electronic control unit that activates the electric motor only when it "feels" that the cyclist is pushing the pedals. There are no buttons, accelerators, levers or similar: the electric motor switches off when you stop peddling, when braking or when you reach 25km/h and is activated when it is needed, giving the legs the freedom of peddling. The e-bike helps the cyclist but does not replace the fun of sport and power.

We have the top level E-MTB Scott GENIUS 730 Dual Suspension mountain bike with Bosch Performance Battery and 27.5 inches wheels, suited to face whatever path we propose during the MTB Camps. 

What are you waiting for? Experience the thrilling the ride in the mountains with the e-bike!

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